First Blog Post

As the tag line says on this blog, I love to read, I love to write.

Writing was always a hobby for me, one I really enjoyed. Whether it was writing Dungeons & Dragons campaigns or short stories, I was always at my happiest when I was writing or enjoying one of my favourite authors.

I’m a few years older now, been through uni, settled into a career in banking but writing is still a drive for myself.

I want to my writing though to become a career and set up this blog to track my progress as I try to do this. Hopefully it might help someone deciding on a similar path if they can see what I did.

I have settled on a few strategies.

  • I am going to go down the indie publishing route. The reason for this is that from marketing, to sales monitoring, to strategy, it is all within my control.
  • My first novel, North Sea Nightmare, is going to be published by the end of December.
  • I want to maintain the 1000 words a day challenge I set for myself. No excuses, 1000 words, no matter what.
  • No genre is off limits if it is what I feel like writing. Although it is good to really learn the nuances of a specific genre, it is important to keep trying new things.

Now it is time to get cracking, wish me luck

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