Blog #3 Making the time to write

It isn’t always easy to make the time to write.

For example, it has been a tough day for me today, I’ve been put through the wringer as per usual.  All I really want to do is eat a pizza, crawl into bed with a good book, watch some of my favourite Youtube channels as well and fall asleep. I could honestly be out cold by out 8PM tonight.

I draw strength from writing though. Although sometimes the idea of sitting down at the keyboard is exhausting, once I start I feel good for it. I’ve tweaked a bit more of North Sea Nightmare tonight, writing this blog post and then I can lie in bed and relax.

The one bit of advice I would give is to make sure you write every day. If you are feeling good or bad, up or down, make the time to do it every day. A lot of my projects have taken so long to complete because I only wrote when I felt in the mood. Treat writing as your job, you don’t just work when you feel like it, you have to do it every day. Ditto for writing. I want writing to be my career so I am treating it as such.

Be realistic though, no point saying you are going to write for five hours a day without fail.

It will all be worth it, I know it.

On a lighter note, Christmas tree up! Looks pretty good I think. although the tree is still a bit wobbly haha.




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