Blog #9 YOU are a writer!

The holiday has come to end. I was fortunate enough to have Monday and Tuesday off but back to work today, it was a shock to my system.

I was feeling a bit blue Tuesday night as I was setting out my shirt and tie, I could almost feel the relaxed atmosphere of the time off evaporating. All good things must cone to an end. I suppose you could say my morale is a bit dented after four days of doing whatever i want.

I talk about morale a great deal as you have seen. To me morale is the motivation to get something done and a confident self belief in yourself. The reason I always talk about it is because when most people give up on a goal, it is an internal decision. If your morale is good, you can shrug off external pressures. If your morale is weak, you crumble. The external factors become convenient scapegoats as to why the dream died.

I sometimes see morale incorrectly treated as an on or off switch. You have it or you don’t, they say. Almost every motivational business book I read is like that, total nonsense. No offence to the genre of business motivational books, some are actually not bad, but most have a childish understanding of morale and mood (I cringe when I think about any manager who would actually employ these tactics).

Morale is like a tank of fuel. You burn through to trying to get anywhere. Sometimes when you have been through a tough time, you are running on empty. It isn’t that some people don’t have morale, they have just burned through it all.

There are certain phrases I tell myself and it might help you fill the tank. Chief among these-

You are a writer.

Don’t try and qualify that, lots of writers do and it keeps their tank empty. Don’t put off saying you are a writer until some self imposed hurdle has been passed because another one will pop up.

I’m not a writer because I haven’t wrote a full novel yet.
I’m not a writer yet because I haven’t made any money off my writing.
I’m not a writer because writing isn’t my main stream of income.
Okay I wrote a book, made some money, it is my main source of income BUT obscure literary society A doesn’t like my work! So I’m not a real writer.
Okay I wrote a book, made some money, it is my main source of income, obscure literary society A likes my work now BUT obscure literary society B doesn’t like my work! So I’m not a real writer.

You see how insane that is? How endless the qualifiers become?
Would you say a person in training isn’t a real athlete until they win an Olympic gold medal? Yet that is what writers do to themselves. It is good to have high goals and be a bit competitive but don’t crush your spirits before you even get a chance to start. There is enough in the world trying to do that to you already, you don’t need to also do it to yourself.

If you enjoy writing, put pen to paper (or more likely fingers to keyboard) and choose to express yourself through the written word. YOU ARE A WRITER.
Don’t put a bunch of notches on that, you are a writer and should be damn proud of that.

For myself as you know it tends to be more of a quiet reserved pride but my blog is called the LJ the writer, so I am not shy if asked. Maybe you are like me, maybe you boldly introduce yourself as a writer, both are fine, whatever suits you.

You really have to look in the mirror and know it is true.

You are a writer

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