Blog #11 No time to rest!

No time for rest as 2017 kicks off. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves whatever they got up to, whether it was a wild night out or a quiet time at home.

North Sea Nightmare is up on Amazon kindle now, the first work I have ever put out for public consumption. Rather than kick back with a well done though, already it is time to crack on with the next.

NSN is a novella and in January of 2017 I will publish my first full length novel.The man with the green tie is a noir thriller set in Edinburgh. I have written the full novel but now comes the editing part.

Below is the cover, quite minimalist but I think it really works.


2017 is going to be a big year for working on my writing, I am really looking forward to it for that very reason.

Lets buckle up for a great year, all the best on your own artistic endeavours as well, we can get there if we try!

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