Blog #14 Author Central

Another tip for a seldom discussed point, Author Central.

After you first publish a novel on the kindle, you will be emailed by Amazon with a list of suggestions. I have to hand it to them, they really do offer a lot of support, I was quite surprised by that.

Looking at it from a commercial sense though, it makes sense. It is in their best interest to keep authors engaged with and using the kindle platform, as they get a cut of all the royalties, so the more successful authors, the more money they in turn get. It is a two way street. They want you to succeed to make money. But they do want you to succeed and so give you a lot of tools to do so. As I want to be a successful author, I am very happy with that. A win-win situation.

I am going to make my way through their various marketing suggestions one by one which I can then feedback on this blog to help yourself, but Author Central was something that caught my eye right away.

It lets you set up an author page, this is useful for readers being able to see all your books and also you can list events you might be going to etc. It is fairly simple, all good ideas are, but it works well and it easy to use.

I think it is important to keep the bio bit reasonably short and to the point. If it is a ten paragraph meandering description, most people won’t finish it.

Not claiming mine is a masterpiece, but here it is.

I even got the suitably cheesy author pic haha.

Going back to my earlier description of a win-win situation, if you set up an author central page, readers have an easy way to access more of your work without having to trawl through amazon looking for them. You win because if they can easily access your work, chances are they will buy more of it. Win-win.

A week into 2017, I’m pretty happy how things are going. Editing The Man with the Green Tie which will be published this month (the first full length novel I will publish as NSN was a novella) and working on my next novel, Bad Credit.

See below for cheesy author pic! I had it taken at Airthrey Castle near where we live, beautiful grounds and open to the public.

AL Engaged 96.jpg

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