Blog #19 You’re the Boss!

And no, this isn’t just something I say to senior executives!

An important thing about being an independent author is taking ownership of every stage of the publishing process.

If you are an author tied to a publishing house, they generally will handle the marketing, the cover etc.

There are two ways to look at this. Either this is a horrible, unfair burden, you are a writer not a business person, you don’t want to have to do any of that. Or this is a chance to be the boss, to be in charge of every aspect of your work and try out what you think I will work.

I certainly lean towards the second and see it as empowering more than anything else. I’m sure in years gone by, a lot of authors and writers would have killed for the opportunity we have.

Here is an example. I have commissioned the covers for my novel “Bad Credit” NSN is published, Man with the Green Tie is done but being edited, now I am writing Bad Credit, a supernatural debt collector pursuing an unfortunate soul (here in Edinburgh of course!).

So three covers were proposed- in a very rough version. Once I pick the one I like, he will draw it with more care and nuance.

No one is here to tell me what one to use, this is my decision, what I think will work.

Cover one focuses on one of the first scenes, where the soulless debt collector has left a woman without her arms, legs or head in bed (pretty gory scene).


I think it is perhaps a bit too much. He done a more muted version of the same pic.


The final cover was something totally different, Mr Rox, the debt collector, at the door. He is a huge, ugly golem only vaguely resembling a human being.


I like having this level of control over the piece of work that will have my name on it.

Out of curiosity is there any that jumps out at you? Feel free to comment or ping a message.

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