Blog #21 That Creepy Feeling

I don’t do much exercise but I go walks around the city when the weather is nice. I think that is my physical limits haha no point fighting the banker bod at this point. It is relaxing though, helps me turn things over in my  mind. Plus the weather is getting a bit better now (there is the odd day where Edinburgh seems to rival Silent Hill for fog).

I came across the below when I was pretty far from the city centre…does it give you the creeps as well?


20160903_120716.jpg I cant even put my finger on it exactly, it just creeps me out. I know, Ren and Stimpy is a comedy cartoon show but the fact someone took the time to do this after the store closed and the windows were boarded up, the fact Ren looks soooo angry. It feel so random. Also Ren looks sorta scratchy which adds to the general weird factor.

In most horror stories the characters feel pulse pounding horror. The heart is hammering against the ribcage, sweat is pouring off the brow, it hurts to even breathe.

When I was walking past this though, I wanted to take the time to feel the creepiness. It can be harder to describe general unease than terror, even though most of us have felt unease, only a few of us have been unfortunate enough to experience real terror. We can feel uneasy walking home on a dark night or when the horror movie starts up. I have felt it when lying in bed at night after a particularly frightening chapter of a book or having finished a film. Creepypasta binges are something I always regret when it comes time to fall asleep.

I would describe it as the distinct feeling that something isn’t quite right. The thing you are looking at can be surreal , out of place and it leaves you with the feeling it doesn’t belong. You feel on edge, not terror, but anxious.

Anxiety is a big part of being creeped out, that unshakeable but subdued dread. Next time you feel it, really take note of it as well, it might help you capture it the next time you have to write that in a scene.




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