Blog#24 American Horror Story College

The last few days I have been binge watching American Horror Story, really great series. There are some misses, the odd bit of bad writing or type casting but overall it hits more than it misses (Asylum was my favourite).

I couldn’t help but think in some alternate reality if I was in charge of the show, what would I do?

American Horror Story: College

Box set cover– a figure in a black mask with a square graduate cap on.

Intro– a distorted marching band to the American horror theme, upbeat but distorted and sinister, there are scenes of football games, cheerleader practice but it also cuts to robed figures in ominous hazing rituals, a masked killer stalking the halls at nights.

General idea– Ravenscroft College has a dark past that freshman Cameron Sutcliffe, Cam, will have to uncover in order to save their own life and that of the other students.

Main Plot– Cam is new to the college and witnesses a brutal murder. The killer is a slender, possibly female figure wearing robes and a blood red mask with two narrow eye slits. The dead victim was the student president, Mark West, a straight A, lantern jawed popular student.

Soon unwanted national attention is on the university, the history of a similar killing spree in the 80’s is brought up.  Worst of all the killer seems to continually cross paths with Cam with many suspecting he is behind this.

What is going on at Ravenscroft college?


  • Cam’s high school sweetheart Monica who went to Ravenscroft just to be with him becomes involved with a sorority. Although she is initially a sweet, angelic girl, the sorority with its dark hazing rituals and sexual liaisons between members gradually twists her into a darker version of herself. There is an element of the old exploitation movies here, especially when the inner circle’s demonic leanings are revealed.
  • A private detective is hired to keep his eye on the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. With everything that is going down in the college, he doesn’t trust campus security to keep her safe. He soon learns that rather having to protect her, she is planning a killing spree and he may have to protect the other students from her.
  • Grad student John McCleod desperately wants the associate professor position in the university. However, the elderly and deranged dean expects a true show of loyalty for those he allows into his staff, John will need to entertain these sadistic trials if he wants the position.
  • There is intense pressure on the football team to perform better in the upcoming games, especially the older brother of Cam, Paul who has a distinct lack of grades and career choices. The coach supplies his players with a mysterious substance to make them play better. Bizarrely they all have similar hallucinations that the team mascot, a human sized Raven, is terrorising them. Then players start showing up dead. Surely the Ravenscroft Raven can’t be real.
  • Each episode includes the paranoid and conspiracy fuelled student radio host voicing his (usually accurate) concerns about what is happening on campus.



Cam Sutcliffe- Evan Peters

Paul Sutfliffe- New, previously known actor

Monica- Taissa Farmiga

John Macleod- Zachary Quinto

Dean- James Cromwell

Sorority head- Emma Roberts

Student radio- Cheyenne Jackson

Private detective- Denis O’Hare

Troubled student- Jessica Belkin


American Horror Story: College!

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