# Blog 32 Neverendum

So here we go again, Indyref2.

I can barely describe how furious this makes me. We had a referendum, 85% turnout which is astounding, we were all told this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, we voted to stay in the United Kingdom- that should have been the end of the discussion for a generation.

The SNP have decided they didn’t like that answer and are going to hold another one.

Why? Well I think you can divide the SNP leadership into three camps: cynic; delusional; and fanatic and each has their own motivations.

  • CYNICS– Having lost a majority government in the Scottish Parliament in the last election and given the generally low opinion and increasing criticism of their governing, this provides a convenient distraction from all that. When we are strangling each other, breaking into unionist and separatist, no one questions what an awful job they are doing, we all get tunnel vision for the referendum. Furthermore, their fragile support is galvanised. Right now a lot of their voters are leaning to the Greens, Scottish Socialist Party, even back to Labour as they find Corbyn radicalism appealing. They are disenchanted after a decade of the SNP in power that the party wasn’t really all that revolutionary. With a referendum led by the SNP, those people fall back into place behind the SNP. After the first referendum there was a tidal wave of support for the SNP but that has cooled now. Best to stoke the flames again. The Cynics don’t care about the Scottish people, Scotland or anything really, besides being in power- many of them would probably vote against independence as the currency situation, an embittered, confrontational devolved government with the Westminster scapegoat is convenient. This is the group I despise the most, the camp Nicola the First Minster would fall into I think. They want indryref2 to stay in power.
  • DELUSIONAL– These people buy into all the propaganda that Scotland will be a paradise once we leave the United Kingdom. Despite all the warnings from banks, companies, senior public figures, they are more convinced by the what could be. Yes, we are successful and wealthy now but we could be even more so. With the greatest respect, these people tend not to have an excellent grasp of economics and business. They could be amazing at something else, a tech expert, a great fiction writer, a talented actor, but they have no head for the real workings of a nation. As such they aren’t persuaded by the volume of data that Scotland would be in for hard times, having a deficit larger than that of Greece. They cherry pick facts and generally shrug off those concerns. They aren’t being cynical or cruel, they just think Scotland will be better off in their own very limited view. I think former First Minter Alex Salmond, who launched the first referendum, comes under this heading. They want indyref2 because they are convinced by the arguments for an independent Scotland.
  • FANATIC– all movements have the extremes and Scottish nationalism is no exception. Fanatics don’t care about anything else other than Scotland tearing itself away from the rest of the UK- many of them don’t want to be part of the EU either. Even if it hurts Scotland, even if we become a third world country, they honesty believe it would be worth it. Waving the saltire and remembering grudges from six hundred years ago is more important than what people will eat or how the country will pay for anything. You can’t reason with these types, many of them are racist, despising the English. If you look back in the history of the SNP you will see many of these delightful sorts although most have been gagged and kept out of the limelight to portray the friendly nationalism the SNP strives for. They want indyref2 because it is the reason they get out of bed in the morning, it is the reason they breathe!


To highlight the differences between them, here is a hypothetical example.

I have proof from leading economists that an independent Scotland would be bankrupt within six months. I present it to the SNP cynic, delusional and fanatic. What do they think?

Cynic– they don’t actually expect the referendum to succeed, this is all to ensure the SNP is re-elected and seen by the radical left as a revolutionary party. So they would condemn it, trying to portray themselves as a fanatic no doubt, but they don’t even think the referendum will happen, so it is not a problem.

Delusional– they don’t really base their views on independence on economic figures, it is more a gut feeling, they think vague promises that the Whisky industry is booming, oil will make a comeback and so on easier to understand and digest than some dull economic ramble. So they are unconvinced.

Fanatic– they would first of all call me a traitor and that is about as far as we would get. So what? So what if Scotland is ruined? We will be free from the hated English and that is what really matters. Sacrifices must be made and a few generations with no prospects is an acceptable one.


Families, relationships, friendships were all strained during the first referendum which left a bitterly divided country. Now the SNP government has decided we need more of that. I love Scotland too much to be a nationalist.

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