Lee Library#7 The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band

I have been making my way through a list of twenty books to read in your twenties which overall has been fun. There have been a few misses but I am still glad I tried them, new authors, new topics, new ways of telling stories.

About as far removed as you can get from what I would normally read is The Dirt, a book in which the members of Motley Crue recount their insane exploits. I do mean insane, these guys were animals. The reason it was on the list of twenty books was to give perspective that a life of endless partying isn’t a way to live even though the idea of it might be tempting.

The book was like watching a train wreck, I couldn’t tear myself away no matter how bad it got. I was shaking my head, revolted by their antics but I couldn’t stop reading.

At the end of it you feel as strung out and exhausted as the rock stars themselves. They are very matter of fact when discussing drugs, sex, violence, you can really feel how jaded and numb they have become to it all.

I don’t have much interest in music, even less so in rock, and even the music I do like I am generally uninterested in the biographies of the people behind it. I would not be the target audience at all but I did enjoy the book which goes to show it is always good to try something out of your familiar genres or writers.

As for your own writing, even if you think you know the kind of people who will read your work, you could be very wrong.

I will leave you with one of their less extreme tales (read below if you have a strong stomach). Think about that, this is one of the lesser examples.


The band were pretty much constantly having sex with women, loyalty in a relationship wasn’t something they really went for. They would see one girl, do it, then go see another right away, doing this for days at a time.

However, some of the girls they were seeing were just as bonkers, they would attack the band members and the other women regularly.

So, after they were done with a girl, they would need to ensure they didn’t smell (or taste…) like another women they would buy a burrito and put their genitals in it. That way they would smell and taste like fast food when they went to meet their next liaison straight after the last one.

Gack, felt like I was throwing up a little writing that!

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