Why books and blogs are great (in my opinion…)

As movies, games, virtual reality become ever more impressive, I feel that the written word will always have a magic they can’t rival. Rather than leave that statement hanging there, I wanted to try and explain this. To clarify, I enjoy films, games and all that, this isn’t dumping on those forms of entertainment but rather drawing attention to a specific medium I get so much pleasure from.

The reason I love reading books and blogs is that one to one connection between the writer and the reader. Someone sat down, typed their thoughts and feelings, formed this into art which we can all enjoy.

The connection is far more direct than other forms of entertainment.

Films for example are collaborative efforts. The actors, writers, directors all bring their own unique contribution to the project. They are not the work of a single person, so while it is good to see the ideas smash off each other, each individual view is diluted.

Mainstream games are the same. The last few years have seen an explosion in indie gaming, it is possible for one person to sit and design a game but even that is collaborative as it is dependent on systems others have made like RPG maker or the like.

When someone writes a blog or novel, there is no team behind them, they are putting their thoughts in stories (fictional, true or whatever) out there, directly to you. There is no actor to explain the words, no director trying to create the scenes, 100% the person writing it and their vision.

I for one really enjoy reading the works of so many talented authors, that is why I read so many blogs and books, you really get a sense of a person through work that is totally their own.

We live in exciting times, big budget movies, new games consoles, virtual reality  but the written word will always have a place.

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